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It’s called “Awake and Aligned: How to Navigate the Human Experience as a Spiritual Being” and the information that came through for it is so timely. I’m guessing you’ve noticed that there are a heckuva lot more “awake” individuals on this planet right now than there ever have been before, yourself included if you’re visiting my site. And you may have noticed, like I did, that awake doesn’t necessarily mean aligned.

In other words, when people wake up and start moving about their conscious spiritual path, it can be as confusing as it is exhilarating, even feeling like a roller coaster ride you sometimes want to get off of because there seem to be so many twists and turns that it’s hard to enjoy or make sense of.

I remember not that long ago where, after having been on my own awakened spiritual path for years, my frustration came to a head because it was like I had all these pieces of the spiritual puzzle and NO CLUE as to how to put them together. It was so hard to create any forward momentum, to consistently experience the magic of this Universe and myself as a powerful co-creator that I so deeply believed in. Does this sound familiar to you, too?


Once I figured out the alignment piece and began consistently applying it, that’s when everything drastically changed and the magic became commonplace in the best possible way for me. From there I began mentoring and coaching other awake individuals to align with Who They Really Are so that they began creating the magic, too, which led me to putting it all in a book so everyone has access to it!


Awake and Aligned takes you on a powerful conscious journey of spiritual transformation, one where you will learn that this pesky thing called ‘being human’ is not only okay but is a vital component of living a happy, satisfying and fulfilling life. It shows you how to functionally merge your humanity with your spirituality and navigate your life from this awake and aligned place. The result? Well, how does being, doing and having everything you’ve ever wanted sound?

I can say this all with confidence and conviction and not a shred of arrogance, because a) I am well aware that all, if not most, of the content came through me and didn’t originate with me – you just get my filter and experience, and b) I’ve experienced and witnessed the results of this work so many times now that it’s laughable to question or deny it.


Guess what??

I created a group Coaching program to go

with it!

Visit my Group Coaching page and find all the details on the 6-week Group Coaching Program and Mastermind Intensive that is specifically designed to accompany the book to be sure you get the most out it! This program (and book) walks you through my Spiritual Alignment Method and will create some SERIOUS magic in your life - don’t miss out!

Already have a copy of the book?

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What people are saying about Awake and Aligned:

“Easily a year’s worth of coaching that can change your life.”
— Neale Donald Walsch
“Awake and Aligned is a breath of fresh air within the new age genre. Nova Wightman has written a ‘how to’ manuscript with simple, straight-forward instructions on the approaches one can use to become more connected with source, spirit, god, and self. Nova’s book is written for both the novice and the experienced spiritual practitioner. The author’s voice and spirit shine in this breathtaking edition, inviting the reader into Nova’s personal processes; tried and true methods she uses every day personally, as well as in her personal coaching business. If you have been searching for ways to navigate a spiritual practice while staying in touch with who you really are, this book is for you. Nova has found a way to communicate her gifts as a coach in an honest, straightforward, and often humorous manner, while keeping the reader focused on the practice of alignment. I highly recommend this book, as a means to gain rapid, authentic access to source and spirit.”
— Jennifer Forrester
“Overall, the book was witty, honest, and most importantly, tangible! It leaves readers with all the tools to start living their life vibrating a little higher, and then MUCH higher. Whether someone is only ready to start making small changes, like daily gratitudes, or ready to commit to change on a larger scale, this book offers it all. People will be able to move through at their own pace and notice all the beautiful changes along the way.”
— Alycia Valento, reader
“Awake and Aligned is a magnificent portal through which you are summoned to propel yourself into the life of your dreams, truly. The wisdom contained within these pages, along with the clear and tangible application for you to implement in your own life, will empower you to partner consciously with your Soul. As Nova Wightman so beautifully teaches, the Truth of Who You Are has no limits and when you learn how to lead your human existence while tapped into your infinite potential, life becomes clear, easy and a joyous flow. Wherever you are at on your spiritual journey, I hope you will take Nova’s portrayal of deep, Universal concepts to heart and actually do the exercises so you can become the next highest version of You now and throughout your lifetime. This is not only for your own benefit, but for the greater collective consciousness who will be incrementally uplifted by your closing the gap between your own human and spiritual selves—as you will discover in this remarkable book. Do not doubt this: the world we live in today needs You at your best, brightest, most expressed and most whole... Awake and Aligned is a one-stop shop, a bullet-train to activate the Best You and lead you to, not only the fun and joy of life, but the positive impact and contribution you are here to make on Planet Earth at this time.”
— Jennifer Ally, Speaker, Award-winning Author, Founder of THRIViesta