Manifest your dreams

Connect with Marie Lugtu, Spiritual Healer. She is hosting a free online video interview series called Manifest Your Dreams! How to connect to your deepest calling & start manifesting miracles in your life!  I am grateful to be one of the 21 hand-picked influencers interviewed for this transformative event. Expose yourself to the high frequency of living in the moment and unleashing your light with pure and honest conversations about manifesting miracles in your everyday life.  Each Influencers share how their ordinary lives became extraordinary when they applied their simple and practical tool and habits to continually and consistently create lasting results. I invite you to join me and gain access to this exciting online event.


I AM Gathering 2019

Are you living in your head but have a deep desire to finally live from the heart? I AM Gathering is for you.

I AM gatherings are transformational events that empower you on your personal soul journey.

Are you ready to consciously create the life you desire?

Join us at our next gathering. World Renown Spiritual Teachers are brought in to give you insights , clarity and the tools to uncover your soul lessons and purpose.

Be part of the Awakening!


ICF Minnesota speaker series: 4 keys to aligning with who you really are

Do you struggle trying to figure out how to be Who You Really Are in your everyday life, often feeling like the "human you" and the "spiritual you" are two separate people? Do you find yourself oftentimes stuck in the "I'll be happy when ____ happens” trap? Do you wish you could stay in that sweet spot of Alignment, flow and conscious manifestation more often?

Now more than ever before people are waking up to the truth of Who They Really Are and are aware of things like the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking. Yet most do not know how to Align with that truth in a real, functional way, or fully understand the intricacies of what it takes to access the magic within, especially how to navigate those human moments when we forget all we know and believe. Not only are there simple and practical ways to do this, but once you understand and begin applying these keys to Alignment you will notice a difference in the way you experience and show up for life, and all aspects of life, almost immediately. And better yet, these are tools you can use and that will serve you for the rest of your life!