Awake and Aligned Group Coaching Program


Awake and Aligned Group Coaching Program


Awake and Aligned 6-wk Group Coaching Program begins June 9th, 2019!

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By joining this program and embarking on your own Spiritual Alignment journey with us, you will:

  • Learn very specific practices that rewire your neurology and retrain your vibration to match Who You Really Are and the life you want to live

  • Learn how to get yourself into a state of Alignment, stay there more often, and recover to that place more quickly when you’ve fallen out

  • Learn how to access miracles, magic and manifestation, and make these your everyday way of life

  • Learn how to get let go of “the how” and get out of the way so the Universe can take care those details for you, while you focus on being in the receptive mode for it

  • Learn how to effectively manage your negative thoughts, emotions, and challenging experiences, as well as that of other people around you

  • Learn how to Consciously Co-Create and Manifest in a way that actually works

  • Be held accountable and feel supported by myself and those who are on this path of Alignment with you!