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Hi, I’m Nova

I’m an author, coach and somewhat irreverent Way-Shower.

You will not find me sitting on a mountain top endlessly meditating, but you may find me binge-watching Netflix with my hubby or playing Cards Against Humanity while drinking wine with my friends, which I happen to think are equally spiritual when done right.

I help spiritual seekers become spiritual rockstars by blending their spirituality with their humanity so that they can enjoy the crap out of life.


I put people on the fast track to conscious manifestation, and I help them to align with Who They Really Are, all while feeling joyful and satisfied along the way!

I’m usually sitting in my yoga pants on my couch, drinking a cup of coffee while I do this. It’s not a bad gig, let me tell you.

I’m known for bringing my sense of play, humor and practicality to everything, especially when it comes to teaching people about my Spiritual Alignment Method, the laws of the Universe, and how to effectively focus their own powerful energy. I love working with spiritual seekers who have done a lot of their own legwork and are ridiculously ready and willing to have fun with all this spiritual stuff, who are ready to make some serious magic in their lives.


My clients love that I do this deep work in a super practical and functional way that is easy to integrate as they learn to navigate the human experience as a spiritual being. It’s true that all answers are inside of you, but it’s equally true that we’re not always in a place to access them. I help you line up your energy so that you can consistently and easily have access.

There is not one soul on this planet who would not benefit from any kind of focus and work on their own personal alignment and well-being, yet not all are ready for it.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are.



I’m glad you’re here.

Have a looksee at the rest of my site and pay attention to which elements light up your soul.

Then follow the impulse, even if it’s to go to a different site.