My name is Nova Wightman,

and in case you’re wondering about where my first name came from (everyone asks) I was NOT named after the Chevy Nova, nor was I conceived in the back of a Chevy Nova. I have three older siblings whose names all start with the letter “N,” and right around the time I was born my dad watched the original Planet of the Apes movie (with Charlton Heston – not Marky Mark) and decided to name me after Linda Harrison’s character (who was NOT an ape, by the way), Nova, who was really beautiful but didn’t speak. He always joked that he was hoping I’d be the same but settled for one out of the two of those qualities.



My Story (in a nutshell, at least)

I am the owner and operator of Go Within Life Coaching, a certified Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC), a CwG Coach (Conversations with God) on Neale Donald Walsch’s team, an NLP Practitioner, speaker, author and workshop facilitator, a Reiki practitioner, and I am trained in and attuned to the Akashic Records. What can I say, I am addicted to self-growth and expansion.

I’m guessing like you reading this, I never felt “normal” or like I fit in growing up. While other kids my age were obsessing about boys, fashion and makeup, I was reading books like Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, going to a spiritual church with my mom, and developing my ability to see auras and energy (while also obsessing about boys, fashion and makeup).

I devoured every spiritual text and resource I could get my hands on, and while I found myself joyfully resonating with so many concepts and truths that I had never been able to articulate myself, I would always hit the wall when it came to applying them in any real way. It became my passion and mission to take some of these concepts and turn them into practical, everyday experience, rendering them consistently functional in the lives of people like me.


From that mission the Spiritual Alignment Process was born,

and I have had the joy and satisfaction of guiding the most incredible people through it over the past several years, witnessing stuff you just can’t make up.

I joined the Conversations with God Coaching Team by personal invite from my mentor, Neale Donald Walsch in 2012. This was huge for me, because as I mentioned above, that was the book that set me on my spiritual path when I was just 14 years old and changed everything. If we ever talk in person, ask me how I manifested that.

I am a happy human being who is very down to earth and enjoys good humor and wisely-used sarcasm, approaching life and my work from the perspective of “we are spiritual beings having a human experience” AND “we are human beings having a spiritual experience” - it’s all about integrating these parts of ourselves, owning them vs. resisting them, and dare I say, enjoying them.

Working with others in a deep, meaningful way is my passion, my life’s purpose, and each time I watch a soul recognize itself, it is the most amazing and humbling experience a gal could ask for. Energy is my first language, and I love reading the energy of others, providing energetic healings, and condensing complicated life stuff to the simple energetic and vibrational concepts that I believe are easier to work with than wordy philosophy.  


Who do I work with?


My dream clients are spiritual seekers

who have been working through their stuff for a while and are ready to put the pieces of the puzzle together so they can live more consistently in a space of flow, abundance, joy and magic! They’ve glimpsed what is possible and they want more. They have very little resistance or attachment to their story and past. They’re ready to start anew in every moment to align with Who They Really Are. Their first language is energy (their second is irreverent pop culture references and animated gifs.) They are seeking practical spiritual alignment, the kind that can fit into their lives easily without having to renounce all earthly pleasures and humanity. They are dreaming of a lot (the perfect car, house, relationship, career, etc.) but mostly they crave to feel happy even if those things don’t show up.

I’m uniquely poised to help you because I know my stuff. I’ve been training for this work my whole life, both literally and figuratively. My practices have been the difference between sink and swim for me in some pretty crappy situations. This has really fuelled my desire to bring this work to other people. Most importantly, it is my greatest pleasure and enjoyment to do this work and isn’t joy the whole damn point?


What is cool about my Spiritual Alignment Process is...

that while there is a consistent method to my work, it is completely tailored to YOU based on your current vibration and day-to-day energy. In essence, I take what I am met with in our session and read your energy to assess where the “vibrational gaps” are so that I can decide what will serve you the most. My methods are also super approachable, transparent and conversational. I’m a real, down-to-earth person and I will bring my own experiences to our sessions and talk with you the way I would with my best friends and family. I swear, I make jokes, I share the moments where I get my leg stuck in my yoga pants and fall over while putting them on. Because I also don’t believe that being human is something we need to overcome. I give you permission to be human, enjoy the pleasure and challenges that come with that and view your humanness as not only a wonderful thing but your access point to being your Highest Self. I believe that we can be deeply spiritual people AND enjoy wine, wicked humor and watching The Walking Dead.


Personal Stuff

I share this beautiful life with my husband and soul mate, Trevor, who keeps me good and grounded with his wit, humor and ability to simplify life, and my ridiculously cute and lovely little girls, Sati & Hazel, who have unwittingly expanded my capacity to love and be loved beyond my imagining, not to mention are my number 1 teachers for learning how to embrace my human Self. I’m a Tae Kwon Do Master, a huge fan of The Simpsons, and my parents are my best friends. My favorite things to do are laugh with friends and family at stupid stuff, play hooky with my husband, and have mind-blowing conversations with clients and my Cosmic Team.