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Spiritual alignment radio

I'm starting my own broadcast radio show and podcast! I've recently joined the Transformation Talk Radio family ( and I am thrilled to have this fun and exciting avenue to get more Alignment to more people! This show will guide and inspire you into a place of experiencing Alignment more consistently, where you'll find that navigating the ups and downs of life is not only easier, but a lot more fun and enjoyable! To find out more about the show, click here!

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The Daily Grind Podcast

A Large focus of the analysis in this episode is about balancing chasing goals with play and rest. How an over-commitment to work all the time can have a detrimental effect on your overall productiveness, and how sometimes chasing just the opposite can lead to the results that you are pursuing. Joey, Jason and Nova then consider how concepts of enthusiasm and negativity can become more of a choice, as you raise your consciousness level to a place above conflict, by embracing it.


Interview with Nicole Testa

I was fortunate enough to speak with Nicole Testa, a fellow coach and one of my dearest soul sister friends. We dove deep into what Alignment is exactly, and how to create more of it in your daily life.